Ulrich Gebert
NOV 2 – DEC 15, 2007

Ulrich Gebert's work revolves around terms that seem at first abstract and intangible, but which define substantially social thinking and action. In his artistic context he maps pointedly and makes comprehensive the problems of thinking in systems, hierarchies, and mechanisms of power.

In his metaphoric image-cycles and series he pursues fictive documentations of crime or the human drive of grasping our environment and taming nature. He finds images for what is often unspeakable. Depending on the context he avails himself on staged, filmic, documentary or portrait-like methods of depiction in order to find the constructions and contents of his images. Ulrich Gebert combines this media-referential approach with the mindset of a critically thinking artist. 

For his current work he has scrutinized the organization and working processes during the orange harvest in Southern Spain and developed an image-cycle of three parts. Without lurid impetus trusting the small-sized format and the mechanisms of seeing and understanding Ulrich Gebert lines up a microcosm that points to social coherences that do not only take place in the context of orange harvesting. The title of the work: Amerika!