Émilie Pitoiset
Glue your Eyelids together
SEP 9 – OCT 1, 2011

The ambiguity of situations, that are about to get out of control or are on the edge of balance, is a main interest of Emilie Pitoiset’s work. Based on a growing collection of images, film (-snippets) and photographps, the founding layer is the investigation of the structure and decomposition of movement. Her work challenges the viewer and his perceptive faculties by confronting him with the differentiation between reality and illusion, documentary and fiction – emerging emotions such as confusion and uncertainty are intended. Pitoiset presents her emotionally charged collages, drawings, videos and sculptures intentionally in reduced, anti-theatrical settings.  

'Glue your Eyelids together' gathers an ensemble of recent work, which is juxtaposed in a way that accentuates implicit parallels and at the same time points to their autarcic character. The balancing act between fragility and power and the playing with sightlines and perspective are two defining elements of the presentation. At first sight the large scale object 'La Jalousie' seems massive and  immovable, but whilst further observation it evokes instantaneously the image of a collapse. Figuratively the general balance is guaranteed by the three small-sized photo collages, which themselves have to cover the surrounding walls. Pitoiset develops in her presentation a sense of space – the remain between balance and fall, overview and suprising changes of perspective – which is also dealt with in the individual works.