Falk Haberkorn and Sven Johne
Sing Hallelujah!
NOV 2 - DEC 21, 2019

In early spring 2019 Falk Haberkorn and Sven Johne ventured out on their second road-trip through the east of the country – exactly 15 years after their first journey. Again with the open aim, to see what they would find and to subjectively interpret the social, mental and economical situation on the spot and to then implement it artistically. Of course: time went on and things have changed – the current climate and debates, frictions and confrontations are known... Falk Haberkorn and Sven Johne envisioned ’Sing Halleluja’ as a joint working project, critical survey and stock-taking as well as asserting their personal and artistic attitudes at the same time. Both artists have developed new bodies of work based on the material and experiences ‚collected‘ during this road-trip. A jointly developed film/text/sound- piece – dash-cam material, mixed with personal conversations between the artists on topics linked to their journey and a specifically conceived soundtrack will be framing the exhibition.

Falk Haberkorn (b1973, lives in Leipzig) examines the border between image and language, formation and formulation, photography and performance addressing the psychological notions of memory, loss, handing-down and the role of the individual in society.

Sven Johne's (b1976, lives in Berlin) videos and photographic works playfully act on the accustomed manner of representation and readability and generate space for associations, creating metaphors for being and conceiving alternative myths, in times when global change impacts the life of every individual.