G. Küng
What about the babies?
JUN 3 – JUL 15, 2017

'My dream was that mikaela gave me ottavia in the night and she was sleeping and i held her on my right side, and we left from where they were which was not calm, and i was trying to find a place that was calm to lay her down, but I couldn't find any. We were in a kind of a multiple story house which was rented for large groups to sleep over and there were kids playing and occupying some of the rooms, but older kids and they were all quite loud. There was also some kind of party with adults and none of them seemed to notice i had this leeping baby and that they could keep their voices down. Ottavia kept slumping or getting in uncomfy positions and i had to reposition her but she never got heavy. Finally i got to the roof deck where there were lounge chairs and i lay back with her and we could rest. I was looking at the very black sky with some stars and i started to see some spacecraft like objects veering towards me but it was moving so fast that i decided it was an optical illusion and i closed my eyes to shut it out.'
G. Küng, 2017

G. Küng works across image making, installation, and text. Her approach is equal parts conceptual, intuitive and material. Delicate gouache drawings, phone images, short texts and phrases, puzzles, furniture-like objects, distortions of everyday things, fragile assemblage – the list continues to grow – come together to describe emotions with political reverberations. Exhibitions can have a riddle quality while remaining open. She describes her work as thermodynamic – moving from cold to warm and back. Cold is ironic, ambiguous, at times even empty. Warm is explicitly personal. The artist draws from her inner life, unafraid to go deep even if it risks change or being misunderstood. She is likewise interested in a shifting art/life boundary where ethics is key.

G. Küng is a Swiss-American artist living in Brussels. She was raised in New York where she attended The Cooper Union, and she completed her studies at The Glasgow School of Art. The Wiels residency brought her to Brussels. She has shown her work across Europe and in New York; most recently in "Wrapped /Unwrapped", at Zoo, Nantes; "EUtopia", at Cultuurcentrum Strombeek; and "Zodiaco", at Samy Abraham, Paris; all 2017. Recent solo projects include "Luigi Ghirri/G. Küng: Looking In", at Antoine Levi and The Young Belgian Art Prize at the Bozar, Brussels. Küng will be an artist in residence at the Frans Masereel Centrum in August. She is represented by Antoine Levi, Paris.