Some memories of books #2

Doris Bry (ed.) – Georgia O’Keeffe: Some Memories of Drawings, 1988

An Atlantis Editions book published by The University of New Mexico Press

When I first saw this book in the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was intrigued by the title more than anything else, more than the actual drawings in the book to be honest. I guess I could relate to the idea of a memory of a drawing, since it implies that things inevitably are omitted too, simply because they are forgotten or are less essential to its maker. The room that is given to these drawings by both its accompanying texts and the classic design becomes a space that can be enjoyed time and again. It forced me to look at the drawings better and the appreciation is still growing. These drawings, done between 1915 and 1963, show a great diversity, yet are bound by a reassuring calm. O’Keeffe wrote down her memories about them in an equally plain and honest manner.

Here’s one:

Drawing No. 9 is the drawing of a headache. It was a very bad headache at the time that I was busy drawing every night, sitting on the floor in front of the closet door.

Well, I had the headache, why not do something with it? So – here it is.