Adrian Sauer, Lichterkette, 2009 dig. c-print 45 x 60 cm 3:3 + 1AP

For this third week on FAIR, we are delighted to present a work by Adrian Sauer, Lichterkette, 2009.

Find your way to our viewing room, here.

Adrian Sauer explores aspects, applications and ways of producing digital images. He poses questions concerning the limits of the image in an age where camera images are increasingly becoming hybrid constructs of light measurement and mathematical calculations. Sauer’s approach revolves around creating new digital compositions on the basis of his own photographs. In doing so, he gradually covers the existing image, bit by bit, with a new layer of colour. The reality of the photograph is replaced by the processing and reality of the studio where Sauer’s images are re-created. Likewise, he discovers irritating changes that result from the technique of photography.