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Sven Johne | Tears of the Eyewitness

„Tears of the Eyewitness“ (2009) puts its focus on the construction of history and memory. A strange interplay develops between the artificial and the candidly felt emotions, between the memory influenced by media and by personal experience…

Sven Johne | Elmenhorst

In “Elmenhorst” (2006), we encounter a familiar situation: a stroll at the beach, a father and a grown-up son. But what prevails is the speechlessness. Gestures and mimics of the two reveal the accumulated aggression and mutual misunderstanding. At the same time, however, a core of familial intimacy which is yet to completely submerge remains…

Sven Johne | Good to Talk

Blind Spots- Roadtripping 30 years after the fall at Good to Talk, 28.09.2019.
A conversation with Falk Haberkorn (artist) and Sven Johne (artist)
Moderation: Sabine Jainski (filmmaker and journalist)