A true story. If you made that up, everyone would say: Man, that’s a hell of a construction… But I just collected everything from Twitter and YouTube and the news. Tatja Seibt is a great actress.“ — Sven Johne

Jutta, 2014
HD video, German with English subtitles, 17:36 min.
ed. 5+2 a.p.

A paradise island – beaches, palm trees, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The island is owned by the German-Brazilian tycoon Erik Tabarao, who intends to develop an exclusive resort for the extremely wealthy here. An island reserved for the „leaders of the world“ – and for Jutta, his German mother.
Jutta is alone. In the house and on the island. Maybe this island doesn’t even exist. Maybe everything outside – the beach, the flowers, the sunset – is all just a figment of her imagination. Then Jutta tells her son’s story. Starting with nothing, Erik made 26 billion dollars practically over night…