My younger brother worked as a packer at Amazon for a while. And that island and those bird ringers really exist, I’ve been there twice, it was great every time. This film is very personal, because – to be honest – I just listened to myself. I’m plagued by these Biedermeier fantasies.“ — Sven Johne

A Sense of Warmth, 2015
HD video, English with German subtitles, 15:35 min.
ed. 5+2 a.p.

In A Sense of Warmth, the protagonist Mindy is invisible throughout the whole movie. The viewer only hears her beautiful voice, her haunting report, underlaid with picturesque black/white images. Mindy designs an almost Biedermeier utopia, and the viewer is left to believe in what she says. This escapism has a price, however, and Mindy, the beautiful voice, is willing to pay for it. The film catapults the viewer into a paradise, a life without exploitation, war, ecological destruction. In short: a life without capitalism.