yours truly,

13.05.2023– 29.10.2023

Museum MORSBROICH (Gustav-Heinemann-Straße 80, 51377 Leverkusen)

Morsbroicher Kunsttage 04

Saturday, 13.05 , 11–17 Uhr

Sunday 14.05 , 11:30 Uhr 

yours truly, designs a structure of figurative as well as abstract and concrete works of art, which enter into dialogues with each other that are as non-obvious as they are provocative, and which nevertheless always first seek a dialogue with the viewers. In front of the figurative work of a single figure, it is easy to put oneself in relation to it. It is even relatively obvious to feel addressed as oneself. In the case of a concrete, decidedly non-representational work, this seems quite different. But these works also provoke visual experiences that can become existential in relation to the viewing counterpart.

It is precisely in this sense that the exhibition staging yours truly is to be understood, as a foundation for a new museum of the present. A structure of about forty works by just as many artists, which will be in constant motion for half a year. In this way, new neighborhoods of works will emerge again and again, to which the visitors will have to relate in a new way. Contemporary positions and selected works from the museum collection will be shown.


Elizabeth Jaeger



11 x 7 x 5 cm