April 21 – June 18, 2023
(Through public tours):
Wed. 6 – 7 pm / Fri. – Sun. 3 – 4 pm

With CLEANING DATASETS, the G2 Kunsthalle presents the first solo exhibition at G2 Schaulager. It combines mechanical sculptures, installations and a video work. The title of the exhibition, CLEANING DATASETS enters into a dialogue with the history of the G2 Schaulager building. As a former VEB Computer Center, its function was the systematic and mass processing of data.
Roßmeißl’s work addresses the forces and effects of contemporary digital image-making processes and mechanisms. The exponentially growing number of image creations, caused by the drastic technological progress of the last decades, forms an entity that is difficult to control and grasp and has a significant influence on social and cultural trajectories. The young artist creates sceneries of objects and sculptures that often refuse or oppose a direct transfer into images and thus strive for an imageless claim, with simultaneous visual presence. Roßmeißl tries to interrupt the process of image creation and to direct the focus to the physical perception of the works. To this end, he mixes traditional symbols and materials with simple, comprehensible mechanics and high-tech programs and devices.

The exhibition is available exclusively through guided tours on the above dates. We kindly ask you to register for them through our booking system.
We always try to make individual viewing appointments possible. Please send us an email at info@g2-leipzig.de or call at 0341 35573793.