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Keltie Ferris | artnet news

Peter Halley and Keltie Ferris first met sometime in the mid-2000s, at the height of the abstract painting revival. Halley, a pioneering Neo-Conceptualist renowned for his disciplined grids, was head of painting and printmaking at the Yale School of Art; Ferris, a graduate student with a knack for wielding fluid materials like spray paint.

Keltie Ferris – >>A>DECADE

We are delighted to share the news of the upcoming release of Keltie Ferris‘ monograph >>A>DECADE. Published by Mitchell-Innes & Nash and Morán Morán, the book will feature texts by John Yau, Wayne Koestenbaum and Miranda Lash. Watch this space for more info, and get your copy on Mitchell-Innes & Nash’s website.

naturlich!{sic!} | 3D Tour

naturlich!{sic!} Ulrich Gebert, Keltie Ferris, Elizabeth Jaeger, Fiona Mackay, Adrian Sauer, Marijn van KreijJune – August 2020 Representation of nature – historical, scientific, medial; (inner) landscape; directness and exaltation; pureness and authenticity; the imperative of the „back to the … „; Physicality – Sexuality – Identity; policies and politics…the list goes on… The exhibition ’naturlich!{sic!}‘…