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Adrian Sauer | Panorama von Berlin

„… I’m quite curious to see whether it will be successful, particularly in this location, to critically reflect and reconstruct the colonial history of this collection. The building does not offer the best conditions for this.“

Adrian Sauer | Zwischen Alexanderplatz und Schlossplatz

„Around the turn of the year 1999/2000 I took photos for the series Kulisse. I walked through Berlin for days. I tried to find my place, my center. Construction was going on everywhere. The paralyzing standstill that had characterized the last years of the GDR and the various attempts …“

Adrian Sauer | Palast der Republik, 1992

„In this mini series, I present some posts from my archive. I have always been interested in the area in the center of Berlin, which is called Schlossplatz and was once called Marx-Engels-Platz, where the Palast der Republik was located and the Humboldt Forum will soon open as a mockup of baroque palace.“

Klemm’s | FAIR

Klemm’s participates in FAIR, an online art initiative designed to promote the profits of galleries, nonprofit organizations and artists who belong to the community of NADA. Starting with Untitled (Range, Anxiety, Punch) (2014, below) by Marijn van Kreij’s, Klemm’s will present works of Émilie Pitoiset, Adrain Sauer and Fiona Mackay throughout one month. FAIR will…

Klemm’s | BerlinViews 2020

This year, Klemm’s participates in Berlin Views, an online viewing platform on which 25 galleries of Berlin are present, exhibiting their current shows with prices of the works, having opportunities to contact with potential collectors. The initiative is aimed to promote Berlin art industry which has been critically influenced by the pandemic. Please visit the…

Erica Baum | IG Takeover | MAY 4 – MAY 8, 2020

On May 04 – 08, Erica Baum took over the Instagram account of Klemm’s Berlin. She shared some aspects of her practice, communicated directly with the audience and presented her newly produced Spoken Word pieces via Story as well.