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Viktoria Binschtok | Video Tour, Not until Tomorrow

… I remove my favorites from the fleeting current of images, separating them from the invisible net and rearranging them. I let these visual found objects collide in a targeted fashion in order to form combinations that I call „networked images.“ A video documentation of the solo exhibition of Viktoria Binschtok, Not until Tomorrow, has…

Adrian Sauer, Foto Arbeiten | a monograph and a film

Klemm’s is delighted to announce the release of Foto Arbeiten by Adrian Sauer, a monograph published in the realm of the artist’s recent solo show with the same title at Oldenburger Kunstverein. The artist has also produced an amazing video documentation (above) where you can have a glimpse into the exhibition as well as the…

naturlich!{sic!} | 3D Tour

naturlich!{sic!} Ulrich Gebert, Keltie Ferris, Elizabeth Jaeger, Fiona Mackay, Adrian Sauer, Marijn van KreijJune – August 2020 Representation of nature – historical, scientific, medial; (inner) landscape; directness and exaltation; pureness and authenticity; the imperative of the „back to the … „; Physicality – Sexuality – Identity; policies and politics…the list goes on… The exhibition ’naturlich!{sic!}‘…

Adrian Sauer | Panorama von Berlin

„… I’m quite curious to see whether it will be successful, particularly in this location, to critically reflect and reconstruct the colonial history of this collection. The building does not offer the best conditions for this.“