In the Exchange Series podcast, Klemm’s sits down with the artists of the gallery programme, reflecting on their practice and diving into their studio’s playlist.

We are happy to share with you the first episode of our Exchange podcast series! We met with Renaud Regnery in his studio, located in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. In the top floor of an old industrial warehouse, we sat down around a coffee and exchanged thoughts on the presence of music in the artist’s practice and the idea of an ‘original studio soundtrack’. Renaud put together a 10 tracks playlist for the occasion, which forms the core of the roughly hour-long podcast, interwoven with fragments of our conversation.

We are thrilled to share our second ‘Exchange series’ episode, with an exclusive mix recorded and stitched together by Fiona Mackay, in her Marseille studio. Starting with the artist’s own field recording from the Prado plage, and diving further into a selection of tracks, including Maria Minerva, Jamie Principle and Tirzah amongst others, this playlist has now become the official soundtrack of her solo show ‘Opium’, at Belsunce Projects, Marseille, FR. Photo: w.micha.

Live from her residency at the Onassis Foundation in Athens, the artist Émilie Pitoiset (b. 1980 in Noisy Le Grand, FR), put together a playlist of tracks that have an influence or that accompany her artistic practice. Alongside her playlist, Émilie is sharing some thoughts on the importance of music in her work and on her own involvement within the scene, with her band Ophelia. Finally, we are also sharing a throwback to her solo exhibition MANIAC which took place at Klemm’s in September 2020, on the occasion of Gallery Weekend Berlin.

We are thrilled to be sharing with you episode #4 of our podcast series featuring Marijn van Kreij, who talks us through the playlist he composed on the occasion of his solo exhibition ‚Abstraction, Class, Education, Hacking, History, Information, Nature, Production, Property, Representation, Revolt, State, Subject, Surplus, Vector, World, Writings’.

We are thrilled to present episode #05 of our exchange series made on the occasion of Elizabeth Jaeger’s ‚itself and else‘, her second solo exhibition at the gallery. The episode #05 was recorded at Elizabeth’s temporary studio in Berlin, during her residency at Callie’s, and features thoughts on the process behind the exhibition, a selection of tracks put together by Elizabeth, and some of her self-composed tracks called ‚ringtones‘.