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Klemm’s Exchange Series

In the Exchange Series podcast, Klemm’s sits down with the artists of the gallery programme, reflecting on their practice and diving into their studio’s playlist.

Klemm’s @ FIAC OVR 2021

Welcome! On the following pages you‘ll find a curated selection of pivotal works by Peggy Buth, Keltie Ferris, Emilie Pitoiset, Sven Johne and Renaud Regnery.

Renaud Regnery | Oktopentapus @ Klemm’s

Renaud Regnery | Oktopentapus @ Klemm’s | FEB 7-9, 2021 Using parallel components developed while elaborating paintings, in that case, scans of an octopus, Regnery invested two of the windows of the gallery to transform them into an organic display. Beautifully ethereal, ornamental, and disturbing, these digitally manipulated images of one of the most fascinating…

Klemm’s | FAIR

Klemm’s participates in FAIR, an online art initiative designed to promote the profits of galleries, nonprofit organizations and artists who belong to the community of NADA. Starting with Untitled (Range, Anxiety, Punch) (2014, below) by Marijn van Kreij’s, Klemm’s will present works of Émilie Pitoiset, Adrain Sauer and Fiona Mackay throughout one month. FAIR will…