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//TWO/\FOLD\\\ | Keltie Ferris at Klemm’s NOV 05 – DEC 17, 2022

Klemm’s and Kadel Willborn are pleased to present, //TWO/\FOLD\\\ & \\\TWO\\\ ///FOLD///, the first double exhibition by co-represented artist Keltie Ferris. The conception and selection of the works were specially created for both galleries in Düsseldorf and Berlin and impressively combine Keltie Ferris’ workflow of the last two years.

Keltie Ferris | artnet news

Peter Halley and Keltie Ferris first met sometime in the mid-2000s, at the height of the abstract painting revival. Halley, a pioneering Neo-Conceptualist renowned for his disciplined grids, was head of painting and printmaking at the Yale School of Art; Ferris, a graduate student with a knack for wielding fluid materials like spray paint.

Klemm’s @ FIAC OVR 2021

Welcome! On the following pages you‘ll find a curated selection of pivotal works by Peggy Buth, Keltie Ferris, Emilie Pitoiset, Sven Johne and Renaud Regnery.

Keltie Ferris – >>A>DECADE

We are delighted to share the news of the upcoming release of Keltie Ferris‘ monograph >>A>DECADE. Published by Mitchell-Innes & Nash and Morán Morán, the book will feature texts by John Yau, Wayne Koestenbaum and Miranda Lash. Watch this space for more info, and get your copy on Mitchell-Innes & Nash’s website.

naturlich!{sic!} | 3D Tour

naturlich!{sic!} Ulrich Gebert, Keltie Ferris, Elizabeth Jaeger, Fiona Mackay, Adrian Sauer, Marijn van KreijJune – August 2020 Representation of nature – historical, scientific, medial; (inner) landscape; directness and exaltation; pureness and authenticity; the imperative of the „back to the … „; Physicality – Sexuality – Identity; policies and politics…the list goes on… The exhibition ’naturlich!{sic!}‘…

Klemm’s | FAIR

Klemm’s participates in FAIR, an online art initiative designed to promote the profits of galleries, nonprofit organizations and artists who belong to the community of NADA. Starting with Untitled (Range, Anxiety, Punch) (2014, below) by Marijn van Kreij’s, Klemm’s will present works of Émilie Pitoiset, Adrain Sauer and Fiona Mackay throughout one month. FAIR will…

Klemm’s | BerlinViews 2020

This year, Klemm’s participates in Berlin Views, an online viewing platform on which 25 galleries of Berlin are present, exhibiting their current shows with prices of the works, having opportunities to contact with potential collectors. The initiative is aimed to promote Berlin art industry which has been critically influenced by the pandemic. Please visit the…